Wednesday, October 29, 2014

JibJab Halloween

The kids LOVE JibJab! So I made up this funny e-card for them.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Under(sewer)cover for Halloween

Ever since I have been doing Halloween costumes for Nick, I wanted to have something for his wheelchair as well as his walker. Nick has been very specific that he wants to do Halloween in his walker this year, but I still wanted a wheelchair costume for Nick.
So I wouldn't do anything big, but something fun.

This is my inspiration.

So I would make a sewer grate.
Easy right?

Espeically when I found a guide!

I got some foam and some sticky letters. I glued the foam down on the cake pan.

When I covered it in foil, the NYC SEWER didn't stick up high enough. So I did it again.

 I wasn't too sure about the painting, or my painting abilities.
But it doesn't actually  need to be neat or anything.

Overall, with some trial and error it took a couple of hours to get this. It should be able to withstand any rain if we have it, Nick really likes that he is sitting under a sewer grate.

The walker costume will be coming soon!

All ready for a shell-raising good Halloween!

When it was time to come up with our Halloween costume this year, Nick was very specific about what he wanted to be this year.
Ninja Turtles!

And also that he wanted to go trick-or-treating in his walker.
So then came the planning.

And of course it had to be some kind of waterproof alternative that I could paint and stick together.

We had all of these floor mats available, The bottom side provided a smoother surface that I can paint. The mats fit together, can be taped and glued, cut and painted. And waterproof!

The shellraiser (the new-age turtle van) is actually a subway car. So we needed some subway doors and windows.

 The windows are actually boarded up. So I got some wood-looking foam that I glued in place over the windows.  And the green roof is taped in place.

The design is the show combined with the toys to get an idea of what I should
The back of the shellraiser has blue rockets and some kind of red  bumper at the back. The Shellraiser sign is on the back too. And the back of the walker helps to keep it in place.

After putting it together I wanted to make sure I got the grafitti right. I practiced on some spare pieces to use my spray paint right, because I only had the one chance.
Purple, red, orange and blue graffitti, and of course 'Turtle Power' on one side, and 'TMNT' on the other side. I outlined the words to make it stand out more. We added a marshmallow shooter gun, and a roller-bumper in the front.

Nick-angelo loves it!

If you know Ninja Turtles and Michaelangelo in specific you may know that he is the party dude that also yells out "Cowabunga", in the 80's show, and "Booyagasha" in the current show. Nick likes both of them, so I added something in the front of the shellraiser to make it look more like a van/subway care.

And Cowabunga! Nick is all ready for Halloween!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thankful for Pumpkin Hunting!

 For Thanksgiving we went for our family cottage weekend.

All of the kids went to the pumpkin patch. The first things that they headed for was the maze. And found the way out. But after turning back in and making some other choices run through the maze

They had cow and horse wagons, so when Nick got tired then he could ride like the other kids. And Katheryn and Madi liked pulling each other too.

Nick liked taking some selfies!

Katheryn's favorite part of the pumpkin patch was the pumpkin gun! She got the target too!

Nick was very particular about what he wanted with his pumpkin!

While showing off his standing skills

The pumpkins were a great photo (and photo-bombing) opportunity.

The leaves were so beautiful! But I think that the kids got a bit tired of my pictures. But funny-faces are good too

Back at the cottage the cousins had some play time together.

And our last fire of the year.

And some hide-and-seek

 Talking about Thanksgiving, the kids were all very happy for their food and their family. And of course their cousins!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shake it off

October is spina bifida awareness month in the US.
The parents and adults in my various SB groups are really knocking awareness up a notch this year!

A group put together this video, they asked for video's from the group to make up this video.
It is so fantastic!

In 5 days of posting, there have been over 17, 000 views!

Other part of their awareness campaigns are #embracethebif showing what spina bifida looks like, and a public group to show photos.
The SBA (American association) missed the mark (like the CEO... who does not have SB... advertising that she has a bum knee and can't run like she used to, as their campaign). All of this is driven by parents/adults with spina bifida.

Take a minute to watch the video and see what spina bifida really looks like!